Ben 10 Omniverse Games: Duel of the Duplicates

Duel of the DuplicatesGame Ben 10 Omniverse: DUEL OF THE DUPLICATES - In this Ben 10 game you will use the alien Snare-oh for the first time. You must face an army of evil aliens that have invaded the base of the Plumbers. Besides Snare-oh, you will choose two other aliens from the Omni-Link: Feedback and Bloxx. Scroll through the sections of the base: Engineering, Power Core and Armory defeating enemies to continue advancing stages of the online game. Face Albedo villain and his aliens forms culminating in an amazing battle against Ultimate Humungousaur. Use special powers as Feedback, Snare-oh and Bloxx to fight enemies, solve puzzles and find collectibles. Online game based on the Ben 10 Omniverse episode series shown on Cartoon Network. It's hero time!