Ben 10 Omniverse Games: Heroes United

Ben 10 Omniverse GamesGame Ben 10 Omniverse: HEROES UNITED - Creativity in Games Ben 10 has been an outstanding feature of every new game found on the web. Despite the name of the game refer to a union of heroes as the game Generator Rex / Ben 10: Heroes United, in this are the villains of two universes coming together. The terrible creatures from the series Generator Rex will fight the hero Ben 10. That's right, Benjamin Tennyson will fight to beat the EVOs and save the city from the attack of these mutant monsters. The aliens Shocksquatch, Bloxx and Armodrillo appears in this game Ben 10. A succession of clones of famous villains of the series Generator Rex and Ben 10 Omniverse come together to try to defeat our superhero aliens and their forms. Entertainment guaranteed!