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Aliens Kill Zone - Our hero Ben Ten is once again in trouble and need to save the planet Earth and humanity from extinction! Help the superhero Ben 10 overcome the obstacles and defeat enemies that are inside this factory of weapons of mass destruction that is managed by the terrible villains: The Forever Knights. Ben Tennyson invades the factory after a parachute jump and must eliminate all the enemies you encounter in your path using your laser gun of alien technology. Shoot anything that moves along the way, jump from platform to platform and use the map to orient yourself.

Energy Hunter - Guide the hero Benjamin Tennyson through a complex system of labyrinths surrounded by security devices everywhere. Avoid that the laser sensors detect the presence of Ben 10, do not let the red lights abut the cartoon character. You need to reach the exit door to progress stages of the game.

Toxic Hazard - Dr.Russ is working on radioactive weapons. This work is determined via satellite. Ben 10 takes action to stop Dr.Russ. Use your mouse to move and to shoot.

Speedy Runner - Help Ben 10 to collect crystals. You must reach finish before time is up. Run by futuristic scenario with the famous hero Ben 10 collecting various crystals along the way, jumping across platforms to avoid falling in the ranges and avoiding all the obstacles that come to reach alive of the end of each stage of the game. Real race against time.

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