Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Game: Ultimate Alien Rescue

Game Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: ULTIMATE ALIEN RESCUE - This game is inspired on the fifth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Escape from Aggregor. Five aliens (Galapagus, Bivalvan, P'andor, Andreas, and Ra'ad) from The Andromeda Galaxy thought they had escaped from Aggregor when an explosion rocked their ship. They were forced to crash land their ship onto earth. It was there they met Ben Tennyson who called for The Plumbers to help. With a new ship, and a plumber as a pilot, the aliens were on their way home...or so they thought.
Aggregor says: "So you thought you found a way to escape..." "No one escapes me."
Back on earth, Ben learns from the plumbers that one of their ships had been stolen. And he realizes Aggregor has taken them again! Ben races off to track the stolen plumber ship and recovers Aggregor's space cruiser.
"It's hero time!"