Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Game: Ultimatrix Unleashed

Game Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: ULTIMATRIX UNLEASHED - Game based on the episodes of the series: "Fame", "Hit Where They Live" and "Video-Games". Use Spidermonkey, Swampfire, and Humungousaur and face the villains: Waterhazard (Bivalvan), Zomboso, and Will Harangue. Ultimate Spidermonkey has super strength, and also loose superagilidade sticky webs of her mouth to keep opponents arrested. But the Ultimate Humungousaur is bigger and stronger than the original, can fire projectiles from his hands. Meanwhile, the Ultimate Swampfire is also bigger and stronger than before, able to generate droplets of sap explosives can be used as bombs. Press the spacebar when your energy is full and unleash ultimate forms of aliens. Defeat your enemies and proceed in the game. It's hero time!